Information about the reset

Due to an irreversible mistake on our part regarding levels that affects the whole server we had a poll on discord where the community could vote on a reset or to keep the server running, broken as it was.

Opinions were a bit split, but a reset on levels is what the majority voted for.
The reset encompasses Levels, tasks, missions and quests.
As compensation there will be 1 day of double exp after the server starts.

To acknowledge the wishes of those who did not want to lose their progress, the server continues as it was on
To play on it, click here and download init.lua
Create a backup of your old init.lua in your client directory and replace the existing one with the one you just downloaded.
That's all you need to play on the test server and keep your progress if you weren't affected.

We'd like to thank everybody that's decided to stay with us through this blunder, it means a lot.

Thanks for reading! happy gaming.

30% Increased points has been enabled when donating with swish or paypal.
This will be available until sunday 23:59!

Patch notes for 03/07/2021.
* Tier 1 is now craftable in the crafting anvil.
* Tier 1 can now be upgraded to Tier 2 in the crafting anvil.
* Knights attack damage on weapons was increased with 12.5 %
* Mages wand damage was increased by 300 %~
* Tasks between level 1000-2000 will now give a Tier 1 token as reward which can be exchanged for Tier 1 items at crafting anvil.
* Tasks between level 2000-3000 will now give a Tier 2 token as reward which can be used to upgrader Tier 1 items.
* Dark Hydra spawn has been added in 6000 + TP room. (Loot: Gold nuggets, crystal coins, ssa with 25 charges, mission items and more.)
* A new raid has been added for level 5000 +. Serguth raid times can be seen here
* Fixed autoloot additional slots for vip
* Changed item description of outfit doll to give a proper explanation
* Fixed some NPCs that would sometimes travel to Narnia
* Demonical boots can be traded in the auction house
* Tier 5 runes can now be crafted in crafting anvil
* About 10 map bugs has been fixed.
* Dungeons now has 2 hour cooldown.


Hey, the client has been updated and should fix some known issues such as:
Some items not working.
Freeze lag.

If you encounter any issues you can leave a report in the discord


We refund 50 % of donations made from last era (After October 2020), 10 % of all donations made before the 12.4 update.
Send an email from your paypal email to with character name.
For Swish users send an email with your phone number and character name.
To keep the server balanced and fresh in the start we will use our standard refund system.
Your total points will be added to your account, to see how much refund you have left use the !refund command ingame.
Everyday at 00:00 Server Time you will recieve 10 % of your total refund pool.
First refund will be added 28/02/2021 00:00. This is to keep the servers economy fresh in the start





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