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Frozeria content update 2020.

We have put a lot of work and effort to make this update happen.

[Demonical case]
We have added a new case to the server, this case can contain ultimate addon doll, stamina doll, addon doll and t3 - t5 items.

[Ferumbras Ascension]
Ferumbras ascension has been added and you will now be able to access this area if you are level 5000 + and VIP.
This is a very hard team hunt area made for team hunting with 3-5 people.
Monsters in ferumbras ascension can drop premium points, legendary case, legendary key and crafting material for tier 5 equipment.
At the end of every seal there is a boss with custom AI mechanics.
These bosses will drop crafting material for t5 equipment, mythical key + case, legendary key + case, premium points and more.

[Reputation System]
A new reputation system has been introduced you can now grind reputation with factions in order to get rewards and access to spawns.

Ahn'Qiraj Reputation Table
Snake god | 1 Reputation per kill
Nomad | 2 Reputation per kill
Pharaoh Lord | 3 Reputation per kill
Manticore | 5 Reputation per kill.

[New team hunt spawn]
We have added a new team hunt spawn between Chryse and Temple.
You need to be revered with Ahn'Qiraj to access this spawn.
For more information about how to get reputation read the reputation update.

[Mount Tokens]
Every high level monster on frozeria has the possibility to drop a mount token that can be used for crafting a mount box.
A mount box will contain any random mount.
Over 100 new mounts has been introduced to the server with this system.

[New Tasks]
We noticed that between level 2000-3000 there was a lack of tasks so we have introduced alot of new tasks in Zone 3 and also in the spawn room for level 2000+.
We also decided to introduce tasks on hidden spawns such as Lizard Chosens, Yetis and more.
Most team hunt monsters has been added to the task list aswell.
A total of 15 new tasks has been added.

[Frozeria Tokens]
After the new update your character will earn Frozeria tokens after being online for 1 hour.
Depending on your character's level you will get more or less tokens per hour.
These tokens can be spent on T2-T5 backpacks and stamina dolls.
Level 1000+ | 1 Frozeria Token per hour
Level 3000+ | 2 Frozeria Tokens per hour
Level 5000+ | 3 Frozeria Tokens per hour
Level 7500+ | 4 Frozeria Tokens per hour
Level 10000+ | 5 Frozeria Tokens per hour


We refund 100 % of donations made from last era, 25 % of all donations done during  2020 and 10 % from donations done before 2020.
Send an email from your paypal email to
For Swish users send an email with your phone number
To keep the server balanced and fresh in the start we will use our standard refund system.
Your total points will be added on a refund account to see how much refund you have left use the !refund command ingame.
Everyday at 00:00 Server Time you will recieve 10 % of your total refund pool. 
First refund will be added 20/11/2020 00:00 at launch day. This is to keep the servers economy fresh in the start.

Custom Vocations

Arcanist is a melee based mage with the element of energy as their power.
They uses the same equipment as sorcerers and druids but has a different type of weapon (Fist Weapon).
Their weapon damage and most of their spell damage is based on fist fighting and magic level.

Image from Gyazo

Gladiator is a bit of a unique lifestealing vocation.
Gladiators may not use healing runes or mana runes, they heal from lifesteal and spells only.
Spells on this vocation has a cooldown but doesn’t require mana.
Wielding only 2 handed weapons gives them the potential to deal critical damage but their defensive mechanism is not as good compared to a knight.

Image from Gyazo

Custom Spells






Correction: last spell is for 10k "exevo gran flam bomb"

RPG Content

During your time on Frozeria you will find various types of RPG content.
We have a very unique grinding system, you will need to play the game to be the best. 

Tasks and missions are a very big part of our server.
You will find over 100 different types of mission NPC with smaller and larger mission stories.

Image from Gyazo

On top of all missions that Frozeria offers you also have a tasker NPC. This tasker NPC has more than 50 different types of tasks with various rewards such as premium points, donate items, special boss access and more.

Image from Gyazo

You have decent spawns and quests available through teleports but spawns with better density and quests with better rewards can be found at and around temple, Zones and Chryse. 

We got over 50 different types of quests on the map for you as a player to be found, some of them might be hidden.

You have easy access to the spawn room from temple but better spawns on the map for you and your friends to look for.

Around temple you will find numerous of spawns suited for level 3000+. There is also a hidden passage -1 surface to Chryse.

Zone 1 - 3 can be found in temple these zones offers you 50% more exp than the spawn room, quests, missions and frequent raid bosses (See raid bosses for schedule).

For 3000 + content we have developed Chryse, Chryse consists of many different islands with deep tunnels, high detailed mountains, beaches, snow areas, winter castles, lava spawns and much more for you to explore!

Image from GyazoImage from Gyazo

We have developed different types of Team hunt areas for you to bring your friends to. 

Team hunt 1 is located just north of the Chryse boat, you will need your friends and level 3000 + to enter. 
This spawn contains many different bosses such as:

Team Hunt 2 Is located north east of Chryse 
In this spawn you can bring your gold nuggets and friends to Team Hunt.
Each monster costs an X amount of gold nuggets to spawn.
This is considered as a very good power-gaming spawn. 

Is a place for players above level 3000, it plays a big part of the game and contains a lot of important npcs, big spawns, useful quests and dungeons.

Tier Items and Crafting

Items and runes ranging from Tier 1 - Tier 5 (Tier 5 is very difficult to obtain)

Tier 1 and 2
is obtainable through donating a very small amount or through completing in-game quests, missions, tasks, lottery and many other in-game related events.

Tier 3:
is obtainable through upgrading tier 2 items at the Crafting Anvil, the anvil can be found in Temple and Chryse.
You can also obtain tier 3 through opening legendary cases or mythical cases.
These cases are obtainable through daily/weekly quests, missions, bosses and more.

Tier 4
is obtainable through upgrading tier 3 items at the Crafting Anvil, the anvil can be found in Temple and Chryse.
You can also obtain tier 3 through opening mythical cases.
These cases are obtainable through weekly quests, weekly missions, (Hard) bosses and more.

Tier 5 weapons
is obtainable through upgrading your tier 4 items at the Crafting Anvil, the anvil can be found in Temple and Chryse.
-Tier 5 Equipment 
is obtainable through killing bosses in ferumbras ascension that has a small chance to drop the items.
You can also gather items in ferumbras ascension from monsters and bosses to upgrade your tier 4 items to tier 5.

Tier .5 equipment
There is also tiers in between tier 1-5 thats called for example tier 2.5, tier 3.5 and so on. These tier items are obtainable through completing tasks and killing the respective boss for that task.
Tier 1-3 can be dropped in legendary case and any type of tier item can also be dropped in mythical case.


In zones and chryse you will find our very own custom made dungeons, these dungeons gives various rewards such as premium points, gold nuggets, experience and more.
We offer you 15 different dungeons with different difficulties and level requirements.
Different types of dungeons requires or allows only a certain amount of players.
We offer 2 man dungeons, 3 man dungeons and 4 man dungeons.
These dungeons has a 1 hr cooldown so you cannot spam the same over and over again.


You will find herbs and mining nodes on most high-level content, Chryse, and in spawns around temple.

Image from Gyazo            Image from Gyazo
This will grant you some experience and crafting material depending on which mining stone you find. This material is required to upgrade your equipment and runes.
This will grant you some experience and crafting material depending on which herb you find. This material is required to upgrade your equipment and runes.

Ferumbras Ascension

This is where every player wants to be. Ferumbras Ascension is a place for the most experienced and high-leveled players. Except for the advanced custom made bosses in the seals you will encounter strong monster from your very first step into the Ascension. Reward for killing here is the best but it comes with a huge risk!

Task NPC (With bosses)

The tasks will get harder as you improve and therefore the reward is bigger for completing them. After level 3000 you will gain access to kill a boss when you complete a task, those bosses often drops tier 1 - tier 4.5 items and useful crafting material.

War Content

Besides our own custom map that is huge enough for battles we also implemented a custom based Edron map with new spawns.
Daily castle war event for guilds to compete about private spawns for 24 hours. Starts at 20:00!
We offer you all standard war features such as war mode and so on.


Frozeria offer you all sorts of different events.
Standard events such as Firestorm, Zombie Event, Last man standing and more.
Battle events such as Team Battle Event, Capture The Flag and also some custom made battle events such as War Bridge event.
Many of our events has been custom made and can only be found on Frozeria to give you a very unique feeling.


Except for donating you can gather up points in-game through missions, task, bosses and more. You also get points for leveling your character click here for more information.

We offer a lot of different types of contests first player to reach certain level, skill or magic gets a point reward.
Contests can be viewed here.

Custom Client

Frozeria must be played through our custom made client and we offer you three different colours for the standard client, standard, frozeria-blue and black. 
We also offer you our custom made client for client sided bot, 0 lags, wasd walk feature and much more!

Image from Gyazo

Custom Sprites

We took the liberty to add some new custom sprites.
Over 200 custom sprite monsters and a lot of custom floors, walls ,decoration items have been added.
All of this have given us Frozeria staff a lot of opportunity to develop new and exciting content for all of you wonderful players out there!

Image from Gyazo

Custom Designed AI Bosses

We have custom designed different bosses and given them AI mechanics to give the player a more satisfying feeling when killing the bosses.

Stream Contract

Contact an admin to get a contract for streaming.
Benefits for streaming.
Highlighted stream on our website.
up to 10 premium point per viewer / hour.