Free Points System

Level Points

Upon leveling, you will automatically receive premium points at certain level stages.

Level Free Points
3500 250
4000 300
4500 400
5000 500
5500 750
6000 1000
6500 1500
7000 2500
7500 3000
8000 3500
8500 4000
9000 5000
10000 10000

Mission Points

We offer 200 + custom mission who gives premium points.
Mission manager I, II & III will give you missions where you can recieve premium points.
On top of these mission's there is also Dungeon Missions, Team Hunt Missions, Boss Missions and alot of side mission NPC's all over the map.
Doing missions is a great way to recieve free premium points.

Event Points

We offer a few diffrent events who gives premium points and other reward.
For more information about Events and Events rewards please visit our Event page

Raid Points

Raids take place in zones & Chryse (the area outside the temple boat).
When the boss dies, every player that helped to kill it will receive rewards based on their dmg parceled to their depot.
Raids can drop 25 - 1000 premium points, legendary items, mythical items and legendary key and case.

Dungeon Points

Dungeons can be found on diffrent places in zones and Chryse.
By completing a dungeon you are rewarded with exp & other rewards such as points.
You must wait a certain time to enter the same dungeon after completion.

Task Points

You can find our Task Manager in -1 temple & in Chryse north of the boat.
He will provide you with tasks from level 100.
Tasks for 3000 + will reward you with a special task bosses.
These bosses can drop items such as tier 1, tier 1.5 all the way up to tier 4.5.




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