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Which is the best vocation?
All vocations are "balanced", each voc has its pros and cons.
So it depends on your playstyle.

Vocation Stats Description
Knight 30hp & 5mp/lvl Knights are the tankiest of all vocations. decent dmg but barely any range.
Paladin 15hp & 15mp/lvl Paladins are as usual except that they're not so tanky on frozeria. Long range, high single target dmg.
Sorc & druid 5hp & 30mp/lvl These 2 have the same rolls as on any other server, however they can't summon. Sorc deals higher dmg, druid is more support.
Gladiator 20hp & 0mp/lvl Gladiator is a fighter. It heals on hit & attacks faster than other vocs. High single target dmg. Gladiators spells costs no mana.
Arcanist 10hp & 20mp/lvl Arcanist is a melee mage. It has high dmg, however it hits like a knight and it's spells are mostly midrange.


How do you level up as fast as possible?

The main npcs (Mission managers) missions are more difficult & provide better rewards.
However there are many other side mission npcs that can be found by the entrance of a spawn. These missions provide extra exp.
Completion of some missions will rewards you with access to rare spawns.

When you enter the spawns teleport, there's 3 teleports to the right that lead to zones, which are essential to lvl fast during lower levels.
In zones you can also find dungeons & raids (read below)

dungeons are the places in zones that look like annihilator quests. In a dungeon there is only 1 way to follow where you must beat some monsters & then finally a boss.
By completing a dungeon you are rewarded with exp & sometimes other rewards such as points. You must wait a certain time to enter the same dungeon after completion.

Raids take place in zones & chryse (the area outside the temple boat).
The raid boss & monsters provide good exp when killed.
When the boss dies, every player that helped to kill it will receive rewards based on their dmg parceled to their depot.

PK - (this is not fast)
Frozeria is pvp-enforced, meaning that killing players of similar or higher level provides exp.
In most cases it's not the quickest way to level up, however it's an option.
Abusing this system by killing your own or your friends characters multiple time may result in ban/deletion.

On Frozeria, other than addons providing better looking outfits, they also permanently boost your stats.
The stat bonuses gained from unlocking addons stack on eachother, and you don't have to be wearing any addon to receive the benefits.
Click Here to see a chart on every addon bonus.

How do you get addons?
If you go to the east side of temple +1 you will find a statue. Statues just like that one can be found in zones & chryse (the area outside the boat).
If you look at the statues you can read what items are required to aquire that addon. After you've collected the items, simply use the addon statue & you will receive the addons.
Note that you must relog after gaining new addons to receive the stat bonus.

Addon Doll
An addon doll replaces the cost of addon items, you still have to find & click the statue.
Addon dolls can be acquired by chance from opening mythical cases.
Ultimate Addon dolls are an exception.
This doll can be clicked instantly and will provide you with every existing addon.





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