Mining System

Once you reach level 3000 and enter Chryse you will find different mining stones.

All stones contains different materials.
Stone Contains Chance
Earth Stone Mote of Earth & Minerals Eternal Earth
Water Stone Mote of Water & Minerals Eternal Water
Fire Stone Mote of Fire & Minerals Eternal Fire
You will recieve 200.000.000 experience each time you mine a stone.
These stones can be mined with a certain mining axe you get from a mission.

There are 2 different ways to obtain a mining axe.
1. You can either complete the mining mission chain located in North Chryse.
2. You can buy it in our shop.

Herbalism System

At Chryse, around temple and most high level areas you will find Chryse Blossoms
You can harvest Chryse Blossoms with a scythe to gain materials and premium points.
You can find motes, premium points, runes and chryse blossoms.
Chryse Blossoms is used to create exlir's and potions at the elixir crafter npc





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